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Boat Repair Videos

About Bruce McDugle

The three listed in depth boat repair videos are hosted by Bruce McDugle, a veteran of the Fiberglass Repair industry and former manager of the maintenance and repair facilites at Cap Sante Marina in Anacortes.  With years of experience and a lifetime of recognized accomplishment, Bruce is considered an expert in boat repair and paint application.  Order individually or  save by ordering the entire set at a reduced price.

Fiberglass Boat Repair

“The Video Manual of Fiberglass Boat Repair”

with Bruce McDugle

Extensive and in depth, this video covers boat repairs from the ground up. Join Bruce as he undertakes the complete reconstruction of a 27’ Bayliner. Learn how to replace stringers and bulkheads, how to effectively compartmentalize, what woods to use and the best way to achieve strength and longevity. Change a fuel tank or discover how to correctly cut and match complex curves. Bruce will guide you through 2 hours of instruction that covers the most in depth and detailed work involved in a complete re-construction. Everything you need to know to tackle the job. The information provided in this video is guaranteed to save you both time and money. “The Video Manual of Fiberglass Boat Repair.” $29.95

Roller brush painting.

Boat surface repairs.

Non skid application.

“Roller Brush Painting Superficial Repair &

Non-Skid Application” with Bruce McDugle

These proven methods and applications provide an environmentally sound and ecological alternative to spray painting. This 2 hour down to earth video teaches the proper procedures to use in the preparation of surfaces as well as a multitude of other important tips and techniques that are designed to keep you out of trouble and make your project a success. With this video and a little help from your paint store, your boat can have that HIGH GLOSS tough professional finish. The section of video on the repair of superficial damage will furnish you with a lifetime of knowledge and enough special tips and tricks to help you through any job in the years to come. The section on Non- Skid application will make your life easier. The secret to any successfully completed job is the thorough application of the prep work. $29.95

Gel coat color matching.

“Gel Coat Color Matching” with Bruce McDugle

One of the most difficult areas of restoration work is gel coat color matching. This 20 minute video covers the repair of minor and superficial surface damages. Bruce will instruct you on the tricks of the trade when it comes to color matching. Techniques shown will produce remarkable results. Learn from a pro on how to handle repairs in non-skid and other difficult areas. Maximum mileage with a minimum of equipment. $19.95

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