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Ulti-Media LLC  • A complete media

production, management and distribution


Ulti-Media LLC with over 25 years of experience and

background in the industry as and independent

production company

Our projects range from well over eleven hundred television commercial, corporate production, sales and product promotion, political ads, safety training videos With an extensive client list and ever evolving technology we pride ourselves on customer care and satisfaction, producing media of the highest quality for a broad range of broadcast, DVD and electronic distribution to the location of your choosing in the desired format.
Andy Stevens... our executive producer. • Producer, director or technical engineer on 130 video projects, 47 audio projects,    a feature length movie shot in the North Cascades • A one hour television special aired on the Prime Sports Network • Two years as  the producer and marketing manager of  two 30 minute weekly    television shows which broadcast on several cable system. •  Authored and produced a series of pictorial and Shareware CD-ROMs as    well as  DVD presentations  for corporate, industry and consumer level entities. • Producer of numerous record albums that have since been released    in the United States and Canada.  • Marketing management director of a television cable company's advertising and    the programming of commercial insertion for two cable systems •  Manager of "Ulti-Media Productions" Corporate Safety Training Division, providing    safety consulting, training and certification to hundreds of individuals, corporations and businesses annually.
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